The easiest way to onboard prospects to your lawn and snow routes

Plowguys helps grow your business with easy onboarding and a next-gen route management system.

    Ted Akrivlellis
    AK Property Care

    “Wow—this is modern, slick and adapts to my business. Well done, guys.”

  • Peter Bishop
    Ground Effects Landscaping

    “I can see this being the standard for snow & ice management, from the big nationals all the way to the solo guy.”

  • Aaron Smith
    S&D Snowblowing

    “We live in a service economy, and this is the future for route-based businesses.”

  • Rick Laviska
    RCL Landscaping

    “Love how easy it is to create offers, and frankly, how you don't get in between me and my customers.”

  • George Houston
    GH Landscape Maintenance

    “Both Plowguys and Plowguys are awesome and have meant so much for my business.”

  • Brandon Fusaro
    Twins Lawn Service

    “We've all seen business lost because it wasn't easy to contract for service. This solves that—and a ton more.”

We've re-imagined a route-centric platform for landscapers and snow contractors

A networked approach to marketing, management, growth, and exit.

Create Plans

Offer your services to the world -- or to an existing customer.

Oct 15 - Apr 15, 2025
$500 /year
Plowguys Subscription 2024-2025

Pay a fixed price for the entire season.

Pricing Starts At
$0 /year
Public sidewalks
$200 /year
$100 /year
Oct 15 - Apr 15, 2025
$50 /visit+ additional $25 for
1st visit
Seasonal Per Event

Pay per storm based on number of visits.

Pricing Starts At
Car clearing
$10 /visit
Public sidewalks
$75 /hour
$75 /hour
$75 /hour
Oct 15 - Apr 15, 2020
0-3" : $753-6" : $125+ $50 for every
additional 3"

Pay per storm based on accumulation.

Pricing Starts At
$25 /application
Public sidewalks
$75 /hour
$75 /hour
Snow hauling
$300 /hour
$75 /hour

Multi-channel Distribution

Your customers don't come from one place. Run and track campaigns on multiple channels, and incentivize people to share.


Customer Onboarding

Give prospects and customers a simple onboarding experience -- with your name and your terms.

A next-gen route management system

Manage not only your business and customer data, but all the interactions related to your properties and routes.

Customer Interaction & Alerts

Communicate with customers from your dashboard. Keep them in-the-know when a route starts and ends, and in between, offer smart ETAs to reduce your support costs.

Peter Bishop
Ground Effects Landscaping

Plowguys eliminates the pain of residential work for us. It syncs us with employees, subs and customers, and helps referrals happen easily, naturally.

Route Optimization

Reduce windshield time and make informed decisions by optimizing your routes, last mile style.


What will accepting that prospect do to your route density and bottom line? What channels are converting new customers the best? How are your drivers improving? Find out.

Manage Teams

Invite employees and sub-contractors to your Plowguys account to sync data from the field and run operations more smoothly.

Work Logs

Record property-centric events such as time-in and time-out, support requests, payment history, and work scope changes.


Schedules are customizable and flexible to accommodate changes to your routes or ad hoc additions. View all your routes in one place, as they start and end.

White-labeled Payments

Accept ACH or credit cards with your business name on your customers' statements. For offline customers, send paper invoices with a tap (as in, no print & stamp needed).

Sub-contracting as a core functionality

Designed from the ground-up as a network, Plowguys allows you to assign properties (or routes) to other businesses, with permissions you control.

Asset-lite Growth

Manage and bill your customers, but transfer fulfillment to a sub-contractor. Schedule payments to your subs right in Plowguys.

Swap Accounts

For residential snow, swap accounts with other businesses to maximize route density. The customer experience is seamless, without any new account set-ups.

Retain Ownership,
Transfer performance

A snow & ice management channel to help you get discovered

Enable discovery and onboarding—only in areas you're accepting new customers— through the Plowguys marketplace.

No Mo' Snow

Plowguys connects you with a snow contractor to manage snow & ice from your property.

Get going with Plowguys